About Us & Our Story


My brother has struggled with depression for years, one of the biggest challenges he faced was forming a ‘normal’ sleep cycle. Especially during times of higher stress, he would find it difficult to fall asleep, which led him to regularly staying up through the night and sleeping sporadically throughout the day. The inability to form a regular sleep cycle only made feeling of depression worse as he was constantly tired.

This continued for years until his therapist recommended trying a weighted blanket. That night we went online and ordered my brother his blanket. After a few nights of getting used to the weighted blanket my brother started to find it easier to sleep and was able to form a more regular sleep cycle. While the day-to-day challenges of depression are still there, the improved sleep had a positive impact on his life.   

While we were lucky to not be restricted by the cost of the weighted blankets (which was over £120), I knew other might be in the same situation. From their Wrapped Blankets was formed to offer affordable, yet still high-quality weighted blankets.